1385 E Boot Rd, West Chester PA

Prices may vary depending on level of stylist and complexity of style

    • Cut

    • Haircut Style for Women

      Starting at 48

      Includes wash and blow-dry

    • Haircut for Men

      Starting at 27

      Includes wash and styling

    • Haircut for Children 12 and under

      Starting at 22

      Includes wash and blowdry or styling

    • Bang Trim

      Starting at 9
    • Mustache/Beard Trim

      Starting at 8

      May have additional charges

    • Blow-dry Style

      Starting at 27

      Includes wash and blow-dry

    • Shampoo and Set

      Starting at 27

      Includes wash and Blowdry

    • Flat Iron

      Starting at 50
    • Flat Iron with Wash and Blow-dry

      Starting at 71

      Includes wash and blow-dry

    • Special Occasions/Updos

      Starting at 60
    • Hair Therapy

    • Glossifier


      This deep Conditioning treatment adds moisture and shine to the hair. This does not include a blowdry.

    • Detoxifying Treatment


      This is the perfect way to get product build up and chlorine out of your hair. This does not include a blowdry.

    • Redken Chemistry


      A deep conditioning treatment that is great for distressed hair

    • Biolage Treatment


      This treatment moisturizes and helps protect color.

May have additional charges for long and/or thick hair

    • Texturizing

    • Perm or Body Wave

      Starting at 75
    • Perm or Body Wave with Haircut

      Starting at 103
    • ISO Perm

      Starting at 80
    • ISO Perm with Haircut

      Starting at 108
    • Specialty Wraps

    • Rusk Anti-Curl Relaxer

    • Brazilian Blowout Smoothing System

      Starting at 350

      Includes maintenance products

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